Waterson Auto Closer Hinge Company Profile

In 2005 Waterson began the development of an Automatic Door Closing Hinge. In 2011 development was completed and Waterson officially launched the Stainless Steel “Quite Close” Hinge. Waterson holds the exclusive patent on this product. In 2013 Waterson engaged a seasoned team of professionals to introduce the “Quite Close” hinge to the US market. The team consists of 4th. Generation Security Industry Professionals with field experience allowing them to understand all aspects of security and division 8 challenges.US support is now available for Architects with application and design needs, Logistics – US Distribution, Installation – Training programs and ongoing support for installed projects.


Auto Close Hinge – Combine a hinge & door closer into one product. Optional hold open hinge available Learn More

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Waterson Stainless Steel “Quiet Close” Auto Door Closer Hinge owns the exclusive patent and is the only product which combines a Hinge – an adjustable Door Closer and an (Optional )  Hold Open without hydraulics.

Waterson recognized that just as the pot belly door closer, with its complicated installation seals that leaked and unsightly appearance, drove manufacturers to design the modern stream line door closer, a better solution was again needed. In addition, many doors that required door closers were utilizing spring hinges due to their ease of installation and esthetics. The problem with this application was that spring hinges did not have adjustments for closing speeds resulting in slamming doors. Last, many doors were being held open by a broom stick or an object between the door and frame causing door to rub and expensive hinge prep repairs.

The challenge Waterson faced in its six year development of the 3-in-1 hinge was how to fit so much functionality in a simple–easy to install product. After many trials and much effort, Waterson created the advance technology implemented in the “Quiet Close” hinge. Waterson believes, as with the evolution from the pot belly door closers to stream line doors closers, building mangers will now take the step to standardizing on the new design implemented with the Waterson “Quiet Close” hinge.

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Esthetically Pleasing – No Bulky Door Closers On Doors  Or Frames
  • No Measuring – No Drilling – No Mistakes
  • Utilize Existing Hinge Preps – No Additional Support Needed In Doors Or Frames – Short Lead Times For Your Clients – Less Skews To Stock
  • Reduction In Door and Frame Cost
  • Reduction In Labor Cost
  • Simple Settings – Adjust Closing Force – Adjust Closing Speed
  • Reduction In Installer Training
  • Maintenance Free – No Leaking Oil
  • No Broken Hinge Preps From Door Wedged Open with Broomsticks – Hold Open Built In (B Model)
  • Manage Cost – Only Use What is Required – A Low Cost – No Mechanism Middle Hinge is Available (NM)
  • Challenges with Cross Draft – Add An A1 Model For Additional Closing Force
  • Flexible Applications – Use the A1 – A – B and NM In Any Combination To Meet Your Exact Requirements
  • Available For Every Type Of Opening – Full Mortise – Swing Clear – Full Surface – Glass – Gates

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