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Many commercial projects like hotels choose Waterson hinges for durability, elegance and cost savings. When you choose Waterson for your projects, you and your customers win.Our closer hinge systems outperform traditional closers by providing a maintenance free solution that can improve any door closing environment.


Mobile K51P

Innovative Features & Design 

Waterson hinges are renowned for their innovative design and precision features, as well as being easy to adjust. Learn more about how you can benefit from Waterson hinges. 


Commercial Self-closing Hinge

K51M Stainless Steel – Commercial self-closing hinges need to handle the daily rigors of frequent use.  Waterson hinges are designed to manage commercial closing demands, while maintaining fluid and efficient motion.  LEARN MORE

Gate hinges

Gate and Fence Closer Hinge

K51P. K51MP Stainless Steel – Waterson state-of-the-art gate closer hinges are designed to provide flawless closing support for all exterior and interior gates. 


Swing clear hinge

Swing Clear Hinge

Swing Clear Hinges are also known as offset door hinges or expandable door hinges. The unique leaf shapes can maximize the door openings by “swing away” the doors for a specified distance. LEARN MORE

Glass Door Hinge-K51G

Frameless Glass Closer Door Hinge

K51G stainless Steel – Choose Waterson Glass Door Closer Hinges for all of your frameless glass door needs.  LEARN MORE

Hinges For Interior Door

W41K.W41M Aluminum – Waterson Self-Closing Aluminum hinges are ideal for concealed, interior and half doors of all kinds, as well as providing a suitable closing force for wood and lightweight metal doors under 75 kg (160 lbs).  LEARN MORE

Guide for Waterson Hinge

Feature highlight – the special characteristics of our hinges
Installation guide – What you should pay attention to when installing our hinges
Adjustment guide – How to adjust Waterson hinge easily


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