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Frequently asked questions and answers on our easy-to-use and durable Waterson Hinges

We accept returns within 120 days from the purchase date based on the following return periods: 

We accept returns if 1) items are unused / same condition you received them; 2) in the original packaging; 3) include proof of purchase. 

No return will be accepted without prior approval. After approval and subject to our inspection, we will refund according to the policy rates below.  The customer is responsible for all related freight charges concerning the return. Custom made orders are non-refundable.   

Return Within 30 Days                  Service Fee $50.00 per order

Return Within 60 Days                  25% Restocking Fee

Return Within 120 Days               45% Restocking Fee

Custom Made Orders                    Non-refundable

Waterson hinges can be both in-swing and out-swing, however, the fastening screws will always be facing on the in-swing side.

Waterson hinges are non-handed and can be inverted as needed. View this drawing to learn more.

This feature holds the door open at 90 degrees, and it only contains the door temporarily. With a light push of the door to below 80 degrees, the self-closing feature takes over and closes the door. Also, it doesn’t stop the door from opening too wide.

Unfortunately, the hold-open feature does not coexist with fire-rated doors.

Waterson Closer Hinges are all non-handed design.

Hydraulic hinges have a buffering feature that allows the door to close even slower when entering a certain angle, can only use on the door that opens ≤ 120° and at temperature > 32°F (0°C)

Mechanical hinges set (A3, A4) perform self-closing functions for frequently used doors, it is quiet but not as quiet as the hydraulic hinges (B3, B4). For further information please see this Solution page.

Due to the unpredictability of outdoor conditions, we do not suggest to use hydraulic hinges on exterior gates. Because our hydraulic closer hinges only work on a certain degree of the door opening (≤ 120°) and the limitation of temperature[> 32°F(0°C)]

No, that is just a precaution to prevent the hinges from being easily damaged in the future. It will not damage directly, but it does make the hinge more prone to damaging, which lessens the lifetime of the hinge.

Yes, we do, our installation kits include screws for wooden and metal doors, shims to adjust the gap between the door and the frame, and an allen wrench for tension adjustment.

Unfortunately not, Waterson closer hinges work as a system. Our hinge barrel size is larger than other hinges to achieve closer function. Therefore, We don’t recommend using Waterson hinge with other hinges together. It also infringes on the warranty.

Yes. Waterson hinges are perfect for outdoors, We usually provide K51MP for exterior use.

Follow the ANSI standard, the door below 7″ needs 3 hinges and the door below 8″ needs 4 hinges. Please take a look at this Configuration Sheet.

Both of them hold the same weight. It is based on the size of the door, depending on your application it is possible to use 2-4 hinges on a door.

We do offer 316 marine grade stainless steel, but it requires longer lead time.

Yes, Waterson hinge meets the USA standard (ANSI/BHMA A156.7, Template Hinge Dimensions) Therefore, you can safely replace the existing hinges with Waterson hinge.

We do, but we only offer this option to the customer who purchases self-closing hinges from us. Please Contact Us if you need any further assurance.

Waterson hinges perform best in a swing zone from 0˚ to 90˚. Whereas our hydraulic hybrid hinge open limit is 120˚, the mechanical can be opened beyond 120˚up to 180˚. That said, we do not suggest keeping the mechanical over 120˚ for long periods of time; frequently extending beyond 120˚ will damage the mechanism and decrease its lifespan.

You can purchase with us on our website, Amazon or just simply tell us what you need and we can help you over the phone.

Use the contact form at our website, so we can reply to you through email and you can order it with a credit card.

Yes. We charge 3% transaction fees for credit card purchases. Our purchasing platform is provided by a Canadian company, and we charge by USD which you do not need to worry about currency issues.

If you already receive our quote link, simply press the “checkout” button and you can pay online with a credit card.

We are currently an online retailer. You can shop from our website, call us, find us on Amazon or go to Request Quotation and our sales specialists will contact you within 12 hours.

We offer one hinge sample to architect/contractor/distributor, please leave us a message on our  Request Samples  page and our sales specialist will contact you shortly.

Please leave your message on our Request Quotation page and our sales specialist will contact you within 12 hours or give us a call if you need immediate service.

Our hinges are made for easy installation, but we still suggest read through our step by step installation instructions, you can also find our manual on our Installation page

Our easy to use numeric tension panel makes adjustment simpler. For a thorough adjustment manual please visit our Adjustment page. 

 After the payment is received, shipping usually takes 3-5 business days.

Our warehouse is in the States, and the shipping fee depends on domestic charges and the weight of the parcel.

If you have placed an order with us, we will send shipping information via email to you and you can use the tracking number to track your order.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.  It does not cover issues caused by damage due to shipment, handling, storage, accident, impact, abuse or misuse. Specific product warranty information can be found on the Warranty page.

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