Waterson self closing door hinges are ideal for a variety of commercial applications, environments and conditions. Choose either Mechanical self-closing or Hydraulic Hybrid soft-close depending upon your particular door closing needs.

Mechanical Only



  • Heavy Latch
  • High Frequency
  • 10-year warranty for interior & exterior use
  • Variable Temperatures
  • Small rooms with low airflow
  • Harsh Environments (ie. high salinity, chlorinated, corrosive, etc.)
  • Weight Doors over 200lbs under 440lbs
  • More than 8”
Hydraulic Hybrid


  • No Latch Opening
  • High Frequency
  • 5-year warranty for interior; 3-year for exterior
  • Doors less than 100lbs
  • Quiet Areas
  • Breezy Environments

* Harsh environment include: acid, chemical, clean room, chlorinated pools, saltwater areas and more


Waterson mechanical hinges are great for high frequency use heavy doors. State-of-the-art heat treated carbide components and EN-certified springs ensure durability, effectiveness, and longevity. Your heavy duty commercial doors will close effectively at a controlled speed every time due to durable and constant braking force. You can simply let the door close on it’s own without any hand force to avoid accelerated closing speed. Ideal for hotel rooms, fire rated doors, and arch top openings, to name a few.


On the other hand, if quiet closing, breezy environment and users pushing too hard are chief concerns then you may want to consider choosing the Waterson hydraulic hybrid self-closing hinges due to its oil-controlled dynamic braking. Also an effective closing component, particularly in breezy conditions, Waterson hydraulic hinges respond well sans leakage to sudden wind changes with exceptional quietness. Great for offices, rugged exterior environments as low as -32F, glass doors, and more.
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