alternative for quiet door closer

Most commercial self-closing hinges still adopt either spring or hydraulic damper for speed control.

Waterson Self-closing hinge introduces mechanical & hydraulic systems for a wider spectrum of door closing styles.
Both hydraulic and mechanical hinge brings you smooth closing; the only difference is the way the hinge slows down.

Mechanical type focuses on self-closing, while hydraulic type aims at soft closing.
Choose the hinge type carefully, so you can win the hearts of thy demanding patrons!

How Do They Work?

Videos below show the 2 different closing styles.

What Is Hydraulic Hinge Type?  (Soft Closing)

Hydraulic hinge types literally mean there is hydraulic damper inside the hinge.
When the door travels to the hydraulic zone, part of its kinetic energy will be absorbed by the resistance and viscosity of the hydraulic fluid in the damper system, so door speed slows down. When the door leaves the hydraulic zone, the door resumes enough energy to latch properly without slamming.

Hydraulic Hinge Type

What About Mechanical Type? (Self Closing)

Think about disk brake of your car. With mechanical hinge type, the door energy is consumed by friction from the mechanical damper.
Mechanical hinge types got its name from the “mechanical damper” (or “brakes” if you like)within.  When the door travels to the friction zone, the door slows down.

Mechanical Type
Mechanical Type Adjustment

What’s the Difference?

The difference between the two types defines how your door closes:

  • Hydraulic type: soft closing; the door specifically slows down in the hydraulic zone.
  • Mechanical type: self-closing; closing speed remains mostly average from swing to latch.
Difference between Hydraulic and Mechanical

How to Choose?

So how and when to choose the right hinge type?

A simple rule of thumb is “self-closing or soft closing”.
Here are the common scenarios where hydraulic and mechanical hinges are needed:

1.Hydraulic: room mildly windy; soft closing desperately needed. You go for a hydraulic type.
Examples: Storefrontluxury apartment, high-end villa.

2.Mechanical: latching & self-closing are the only priority; no special speed adjustment needed; rapid temperature/humidity changes like outdoor environment; You go for mechanical type.
Examples: Five-star hotel

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