Self Closing Door Closer Mechanism

At Waterson Closer Hinge, we specialize in door closer mechanisms, organized by system, type, and function. This unique framework not only provides clarity in understanding the various components and capabilities of our gate and door closer mechanisms but is also seamlessly applicable to our self-closing gate mechanisms. Explore with us the precision and innovation in every design.


Mechanical Door Hinge System

Waterson soft close door hinge systems are an innovative and effective self-closing solution. Each system comprises a combination of spring-loaded hinges that perform different functions (see Hinge Type Table). When we combine these distinct types we create four specific systems that become either purely mechanical, hydraulic hybrid, mechanical + hold open, or hydraulic + hold open. You can choose the system that best meets your closing needs.

A Purely Mechanical System includes three hinges — two SA and one SA1 type.

Mechanical Only or Hydraulic Hybrid Closing Types

Each Waterson spring-loaded hinge is designed with innovative dual functions that are located on opposite ends of the barrel — spring tension (S) and swing speed (A). For example, our SA type provides spring tension (S) to close the door and swing speed (A) to reduce or adjust the closing speed. Waterson offers six distinct types — DS, SA, SA1, HS, SB & HA(noted on the inside leaf). These can be configured to meet your particular needs. For more information see the Hinge Type Table below.

waterson hinge cut out

Multiple Distinct Functions

Each door closer hinge type includes two of the following five different functions: spring power, swing speed, latch speed, hydraulic buffer, and hold open. Spring power refers to the closing force that causes door movement. Swing speed is the friction that causes the door to slow from 90° to 20°. Latch speed refers to the friction created to slow the door from 20° to 0°. The hydraulic buffer is the oil activation zone. Hold open and keeps the door open at 90°. For more information see the key functions below:

  S: The numerical panel (S) on the SA, SA1, SB, and HS types is an industrial spring that provides tension—closing force from 90° to 0°.

A: The hex nut end on the SA and HA types is a swing speed braking mechanism that functions from 90° to 20°.

A1: The hex nut end on the SA1 type is a latch speed braking mechanism that functions from 20° to 0°.

 H: Oil-engaged hydraulic component (H) on the HA and HS types provides the hydraulic buffer to create a quiet and smooth closing door swing.

B: The hex nut end (B) on the SB type is a hold-open feature keeping the door open at 85°.

Waterson Hinge Type Table

DS Top: Spring Power
Bottom: Spring Power
Dual door closing force
SA1 Top: Spring Power
Bottom: Mechanical Friction
Door closing force & latch speed control 
SA Top: Spring Power
Bottom: Mechanical Friction
Door closing force & swing speed control 
SB Top: Spring Power
Bottom: Hold-open Feature
Door closing force & hold the door at 85°+/-5°
HA Top: Hydraulic Damping
Bottom: Mechanical Friction
Both swing&latch speed control depends on settings
HS Top: Hydraulic Damping
Bottom: Spring Power
Door closing force &Both swing&latch speed control depends on settings

Each hinge has two distinct functions, one adjusted from the hinge top, the other from the bottom. NOTE: hinges can be inverted.

How to Install a Self Closing Door Hinge

When two door-closer hinges are installed, respectively installed at the upper and lower sides of the door. The distance from the edge of each of the door hinges to the door edge is 5”+/-1/8”(127+/-3mm). When the third door closer is installed, the third door closer is mounted adjacent to the upper door closer. The pivot centers of two adjacent door closets is spaced apart at least 10.95″(278mm).

In principle, it is sufficient to apply for doors of various specifications, weights, and materials by installing two to three door closers. When a fourth door hinge is required based on the practical requirement for a blast-resistant door or an extra heavy door, it is suggested that the distance between the pivot center of the fourth door closer and the pivot center of the second door closer is at least 10.95″(278mm).

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Waterson self-closing door hinges installation

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