GDPR Privacy Policy

1. Preface

Waterson Corp. recognizes and protects your privacy. In this Privacy Policy document, we will help you know how we collect your data and how we use and share them with our partners. This Privacy Policy document applies to all of the services of Waterson Corp with its partners and visitors.

1.1 Services

The present Privacy Policy applies to the following services:

  • All Waterson Corp’s platforms.
  • Customers & partners collaborated with Waterson Corp.
  • Customers’ data saved and accessed on the Waterson Corp’s server.

1.2 Revision

Waterson Corp. (Hereafter referred to as “us”) may rectify our Privacy Policy. If we make significant revisions, we will inform you about them via our services or via other means. We would also broadcast the revisions on the following site:; you will have the opportunity to know the revision prior to our launch of the revised versions.

Once if you keep using our services after we have informed you our privacy revision or after our public broadcast of the policy revision, which entails that you agree with the revised content regarding the collection, utilization, and share of your data.

2. Data We Collect

2.1 The Data You Give Us

Once you have your registration on the Waterson Corp’s services, or when you are signing a contract with us, you may give us your name, email addresses, cookies, IPs, and other personal data such as combinations.

2.2 Cookies

We use Cookies with our service suppliers. The reasons why we use Cookies may include:

  • To help us and the third party to get the information regarding your visit to the webpage
  • To process your orders
  • To analyze your webpage surfing pattern in order to improve our website
  • To provide advertisements, communications, or information of Waterson Corp or the third party to you based on your favorites via our website or the websites of the third party.
  • To save your language preference and other favorite settings
  • To help you find the information you are looking for
  • To offer a safe and protected online transaction
  • To calculate how many people who are using our websites and how they use our websites, in order to improve our sites and know which kinds of groups are our visitors.

2.3 Personal Data

The collected data are used in the inquiry or other membership services for our customers’ products:

  • Specific information (such as names, mailing addresses, email addresses, mobile numbers or other telephone numbers)
  • Age and birth date
  • Gender
  • Usernames and combination
  • Payment information (such as your mailing addresses and receipt addresses)
  • The data you gave us (such as photos, videos, comments, articles, and suggestions)
  • Other related and necessary information to this privacy policy

2.4 Website Analysis Service Supported by the Third Party

We may use services provided by third parties, such as Google Analytics, to analyze our visitors. Those third party services utilize cookies and website servers to record how visitors use our websites. Data collected by these means (including IP address) will be submitted to the third parties in order to assess the utilization of websites. You may stop those analytic services, demanding them not to analyze your activities on our websites. Please read the 4.1 below and know your rights about stop tracking.

3. How We Use Your Data

3.1 Send Digital Advertisements

Waterson Corp’s services would use the collected data to initiate the procedural strategy of digital advertisements. The strategy may include the behavioral pattern about visitors; such as which partners’ websites are visited, and what kind of advertising materials are watched and clicked, and the geographic information of visitors, etc. The program logic generated from machine learning would decide the bidding strategy of certain advertisements, and would further decide which advertising materials are used in the future in order to improve the effectiveness of digital advertisements (click rates, visit rate, and conversion rate).

3.2 Membership Contact:

  • To send promotional materials and propaganda
  • To provide services
  • To deposit money
  • To create your account and manage it
  • To respond your demands
  • To promote services, activities, competitions, lotteries, programs, and other services that you are involved.
  • To operate, assess, and improve our business (including the development of new products and services, improvement of our services, management and interaction, product analysis, data analysis, processing accounting, auditing, and other internal functionalities).
  • To abide by applicable regulations, related industry standards, and our policies.
  • To achieve other goals involved with the present Privacy Policy

3.3 User Analysis

We would analyze the data left by visitors during their visit to adjust our website setting and improve the user experience in order to advance the web browsing smoothness.

4. Your Choice and Rights

4.1 The Rights to Stop Tracking

You may choose either to accept the Cookies or not. One of the ways is to adjust your browser settings. Most browsers allow users to adjust the Cookies in order to control it. Please kindly notice that, if you block all the Cookies with your browsers, you may not be able to access the certain content of our websites. Here we listed several popular browsers below as your reference about how to adjust the Cookies.

4.2 Rights of Saving & Controlling Personal Data

Although our data collection of visitors’ information is conducted anonymously, you still have your rights to:

  • Delete your data: Visitors may clear their devices’ Cookies on the browsers. Our partners may also ask us to delete relevant information of visitors’ accounts.
  • Change or revision of data: Our partners may edit some part of their personal data via the registered services. Under certain circumstances, especially when the data is wrong, you could ask us to change or revise your personal data.
  • Objection or restriction of data utilization: You have the rights to ask us to stop using all or part of your personal data, or you may restrict the range of our utilization.
  • Read or obtain your data: You may ask us to provide you a copy of your personal data as well as the encoded data of your personal data (training dataset) we create for machine learning.
  • Contact us: You may contact us via the following email address and tell us your demands: