Waterson Door Hinges Installation: Expert Tips, Successful Setup

Adjusting Waterson Closer Hinges is as simple as a standard door hinge installation. Just measure the door, mark the spots with a pencil, drill the holes, and screw them onto the door and frame. For a successful installation, consider the door’s size and weight, and have a screwdriver, drill, hammer, and tape at hand. Here are a few common questions and answers to help you get started.

How many self closing hinges are needed for a door?

As a general rule you will want to use 1 hinge per every 30 inches of door. That said, different brands provide different closing force, spec and performance.

Regarding door height:
1. Doors up to 60 inches need 2 hinges.
2. Doors over 60 inches, but not over 90 inches, need to use 3 hinges.
3. Doors over 90 inches but not over 120 inches, 4 hinges are recommended.

Door weight is also a factor. For example, Waterson hinges support doors weighted 150-330lbs with three hinges; 260-440 mainly use four hinges. We recommend that you follow our closer hinge manufacturer spec. If your door requires three hinges then use three self-closing hinges. If your door requires four hinges then use four self-closing hinges. For more information, please feel free to see our HOW TO ORDER instructions

Waterson self-closing door hinges installation

Can I only use two Waterson hinges on a 7ft door?

To install Waterson self closing door hinges, a minimum of two hinges is required. For best performance, we advise using three hinges, offering spring tension, swing speed, and latch speed control for a smooth closing. Additionally, three hinges enhance the door set’s longevity. While two Waterson hinges can hold the door, alignment issues might arise due to the larger hinge barrels. Adding a 3rd non-Waterson hinge may affect the aesthetic and alignment, which will not match from an alignment perspective. When installing door or cabinet hinges, trace around the hinge, cut the mortise, and ensure the hinge pin is flush with the edge of the door frame. Learning how to install or replace door hinges will prevent accidental errors, ensuring a top-notch door experience.

Please contact us directly concerning doors over the above specifications.

I have three Waterson hinges. Do they need to be installed in particular locations? 

We recommend that you install them based on the stickers affixed to each individual hinge (top, middle, and bottom). This will help you follow our adjustment instructions.  That said, changing the order will not greatly affect overall door-closing performance.  Once installed, you can adjust the hinges to achieve the desired performance.

What tools do you need for installing Waterson door closer hinges?

Waterson hinges are very easy to install. You simply need the following three items:

  • 3mm and 5mm hex wrenches (included)
  • Spreader bar (included with double spring (DS) hinge)
  • Philips screwdriver

Due to strong spring tension in the DS hinge, we include a customized spreader bar to assist with keeping the hinge open during installation.

K51M-400 door hinges installation

What other factors should I consider?

Make sure the door swings freely and easily latch before any hinge speed adjustment.

This is a very important first step for a successful installation. To ensure a successful user experience, please read the adjustment manual before you adjust the closer hinges.