Safety and reliability are the holy grails for outdoor gate closer hinges. A gate closer hinge plays the pivotal role of controlling door access, so safety requirements and regulations are strictly enacted in some regions like the USA and Australia. The outdoor environment is harsh for door hardware of all kinds, so reliability is [...]

Five years ago, Hsi Hu Yuan, a prestigious apartment complex in Neihu, Taipei, called Waterson for help because their main gate was stuck by its rusted hinges. After fitting Waterson self-closing hinges, their gate regained the smooth closing with self-closing ability.Three years later, Waterson launched a new hydraulic model with buffering capacity. This customer [...]

Are you troubled by noise from slamming doors? Read on, because we get an easy fix for you. With these magic hinges, you can get rid of the noises once and for all.

How do famous hotels choose door closer? Think about the relentless assaults from rain corrosion, beating wind, and the saline attack from the sea wind near the sea. Typical door hardware don’t stand a chance in this harsh environment, and this harsh environment is exactly the fitting place for Waterson Hinges.

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