Installation Steps

1. Open the door
2. Make sure self-closing is working at 20°, 45°, and 90°.
3. Fine tune closing speed based on preference.

The numerical N-7 adjustment panel indicates door closing force;the larger the number, the greater the closing force.

“N” is the default setting. At this position there is minimal tension.

Door closer adjustment

Please open the door to 90° before adjustment.

Hinges adjustment
Guide for Waterson Hinge

The self-closing speed is micro-adjustable through the speed screw at the bottom.

Increase the closing speed

Decrease the closing speed

Hinges adjustment- hold open

Use the speed screw at the bottom to adjust hold-open at 90±5°

Gradually turn on the hold-open

Gradually turn off the hold-open

Hinges adjustment- hold open