Installation Steps

1. Open the door
2. Make sure self-closing is working at 20°, 45°, and 90°.
3. Fine tune closing speed based on preference.

The N-7 scale indicates door closing force;
the larger the number is, the greater the closing force is.

“N” is the default setting. At scale “N” press down to turn to scale 0.

Door closer adjustment

Please open the door to 90° before adjustment.

Hinges adjustment
Guide for Waterson Hinge

The self-closing speed is micro-adjustable through the speed screw at the bottom.

Increase the closing speed

Decrease the closing speed

Hinges adjustment- hold open

Use the speed screw at the bottom to adjust hold-open at 90±5°

Gradually turn on the hold-open

Gradually turn off the hold-open

Hinges adjustment- hold open