Top 3 challenges – feedback from our valued clients.

After the Waterson hinge installation and adjustment, are there still some problems with auto-closing?

  • My door is super light. Why the spring setting doesn’t match your instructions?  Example: Only 30 kg light door needs spring settings ups to number 7, which is maximum.
  • Help! My door is not closing at the small opening (< 30°).
  • I bought and set up the hinge set with hydraulic buffer hinge. But, my door keeps slamming.

If you encounter similar challenges during the installation, it’s time to return to factory settings first so that we could find out what happened.

Gate Spring Hinge
Door Closer Hinge

What could be the reasons for these challenges?

1.  Alignment problem: Comparing to regular hinges or spring hinges, a self-closing hinge requires higher level for 3 hinge alignment. Take Waterson self-closing hinge for example, the barrel is the source of power. If the barrels are not aligned in a line, the level of self-closing power would jeopardize.

Adjustment of Hinges
Hinge Adjustment for a Door

2. Wrong adjustment for a new hardware for the installer:

Waterson hinge has 4 kinds of features.

  1. Closing force adjustment
  2. Pure mechanical speed adjustment
  3. Hydraulic damper adjustment
  4. Hold-open feature adjustment

New installer sometimes doesn’t know the exact difference so that they can’t set up a perfect setting.

Hinge Installation

How to release self-closing door hinges to reset to factory setting?

Before we start to check what caused the problem, please reset Waterson hinges to out of box setting to avoid any interference with closing functions.

7 Steps with 3mm and 5mm hex wrenches will bring the self-closing hinge to become a neutral hinge.

 Find Hinge with closing force adjuster with numbers

  1. Hex wrench 5 mm: press down and turn all the power adjusters from higher numbers to N. (from 7-6-5-4-…-0-N)

√ Find Hinge with bottom mechanical buffer (speed screw) or hold-open screw.

  1. Hex wrench 3 mm: slightly loosen the side set screws
  2. Hex wrench 5 mm: turn all the bottom speed screws or hold-open screw from – to + until the screw is exposed out of axis around 3 mm.

√ Find Hinge with hydraulic buffer (H mark on the adjuster)

  1. Hex wrench 3 mm: turn the Hydraulic section from – to + to the end.
  2. Hex wrench 3 mm: loosen the side set screw (pink sticker) a little bit
  3. Hex wrench 5 mm: turn the Hydraulic part from + to – to the end.
  4. Hex wrench 3 mm: tighten the side set screw (pink sticker) again
Hinge Adjustment

Results after reset – hinge adjustment or door installation problems?

After reset process, you should feel –

  1. The door moves freely without any interference: Push the door edge lightly from 90° to 0° and the door should swing freely.
  2. The door should not bounce back in the lower closing angle.
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