Stainless Steel Gate Hinges

Before 2021, all apartments in NYC should be fitted with self-closing doors, according to the new amended law.

This new law was ignited by the Bronx apartment fire in 2017, the deadliest fire after 911 attacks. The culprit was a failed self-closing door through which the fire spread and engulfed the apartment.

For this upcoming trend for self-closing doors, Waterson self-closing hinge not only saves lives but also provides the best quality of life.

Landlords have 3 self-closing solutions:

1. Traditional spring hinge

– The noise and vibration from endless door slamming shakes the wooden wall and shocks the dwellers.

2. Traditional door closer

– The protruding arm of the door closer compromises the interior design.

3. Waterson Self-closing Hinge

– UL listed and fire-rated. A reliable door closing, adjustable speed, and preserves the aesthetics of your house.

Leading-edge solution for cutting-edge law – Waterson Self-closing Hinge

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