Self-Closing Gate Hinges

Auto Door Closer Gate Hinge 

Waterson Gate closer hinge is designed for gate and fence door of all kinds. Provide auto close with speed control function. This new fence closer hinge is rustproof by special design with Stainless Steel material.
Super light opening force only 5 pounds; ADA compliant.

WATERSON self-closing gate hinges is your best outdoor gate and fence door auto closer. 

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Outdoor gate hinge-K51P, K51MP


Full Surface Gate Closer

Hinge surface mounted on the posts.

Case study
Gate hinge-full surface series


Mortise Gate Closer

Hinge installed between door frame and door.

Case study
Gate hinge-mortise series


Stainless steel gate hinges
  • Minimize rust and corrosion
  • Stainless Steel 304 (SS316 per order)
Stainless steel gate hinges-quality control
  • Hinge warranty marking
  • Hinge traceability
Stainless steel gate hinges-protection cap
  • Pass 3 years outdoor field test
  • The cap for extending product life
Stainless steel gate hinges-multiple leave support size
  • Fit 2″, 3″, 4″ gate post sizes
  • Multiple sizes of leave support


Model-NameDIMFinishMinimum Width of Post and Gate Frame
Door SpecSelf-closing Combination and Hinge LocationSoft-closing Combination and Hinge Location
K51P – Full Surface Gate Closer5″ x 4″ (H x W)Satin Brushed


 2″ (50.8 mm)≤ 150 lbs
< 6’0 x 4’0

≤ 260 lbs
< 7’0 x 4’0

( SA,  SA1 ) =
( Top, Bottom)

( SA, SA1, SA1 ) =
( Top, Middle, Bottom)

**Temperature limit: -10 ~ +80°C
( DS, HA ) = ( Top, Bottom)

( DS, HA, SA1 ) = ( Top, Middle, Bottom)

K51MP – Mortise Gate Closer4.5″ x 4.5″ (H x W)Satin Brushed


1-3/4″ (44.45mm)
Gate door hinge- K51P
Pool gate hinge - K51P
Outdoor gate hinge-K51MP
Gate hinge-K51MP

3 years of True Field Test:

Still functioning, no lubrication

Dolphin Beach Club in Florida, United States

After being deployed outdoor for 3 years,
the Waterson stainless steel closer hinge was stained with dirt and mild rust,
but it’s still functioning as a new gate closer!
Waterson gate hinge-at dolphin beach club - 3 years ago
3 years ago (2013/3/28)
Waterson pool gate hinge-3 years later
3 years later (2016/3/25)
Waterson gate hinge-at dolphin beach club-3 yeas ago
3 years ago( 2013/3/28)
Waterson gate hinge-functioned as a new one-3 yeas later
3 years later( 2016/3/25)






Installation videos:

How to change buffer activation angle for self closing hinge
How to adjust buffer feature for self closing hinge
How to adjust mechanical self closing hinge
How to setup hold open feature B
How to adjust mechanical buffer feature A
How to adjust mechanical buffer feature A1 (at 0-20 degree)

Installation guide

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