Project Description

Outdoor gate hinge

According to the statistics provided by Hilton Hotels & Resorts USA, each of their outdoor pool gate was opened and closed over 1000 timers per day, over 30,000 timers per month, and easily over 1,000,000 times in 3 years.

Waterson Auto Door­Closer Hinge had passed the relentless field test from Hilton USA. 3 years of exposure to temperature changes, acid rains, UV blazing, and the staggering 1,000,000 cycle tests from the hotel dwellers and the staff, it’s “finally” out of service. 3 years of nonstop test in real life scenario.

The Maintenance Department of Hilton was impressed by the durability of our hinges and offer further opportunities of cooperation. We convince our partners not only by words. It is the quality and reliability that speaks for themselves.

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Outdoor gate hinge
Outdoor gate hinge - self closing