Project Description

The last place you want to install door closer is coastal areas. The constant acid rain would easily eat through the metal surface. While the PH values of seawater vary from place to place, the abundant sodium chloride particles in sea spray and the humid air are the real slayers of door closers in the corrosive environment of seashores and coastal regions.

Traditional doors closers with aluminum body and anti-corrosion coating may suffice for a short period of time, but they require constant lubrication and readjustment of closing speed. The drastic surging and dropping of temperatures and menacing vapors in the air will eventually reduce the door closers to a pile
of rusted relics. And this is where our self closing hinges come in.

Waterson Self-Closing Hinge is designed specifically for this corrosive scenario.
All series are constructed in Stainless Steel 304/316 with special surface treating and coating for the maximum corrosion resistance. Patented mechanisms ensure perfect performance in the windy, salty, and rainy, and misty coastal areas.

  • Resistance to Wind Destruction: patented dual controlling systems ensure hinges are functioning perfectly in the wind; slamming caused by wind has zero damage to internal components.
  • Cost-Saving: easy and fast installation like a regular hinge; intuitive adjustment and maintenance-free design save your time and money.
  • Anti-Corrosion: constructed in stainless steel 304/316 with special treatment delivers the best anti-corrosion capacity.

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A Special Door Closer That Withstands the Salt Spray Test from Nature

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K51M- Resistance to Wind Destruction
Stainless steel door hinges