Spring hinge size matters if you expect a smooth and visually pleasing door closing.
Typically, 4” and 4-1/2″ hinge suit most doors with door thickness from 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″.
When you are dealing with a wider door (36″-48″ or above) with thickness over 1-3/4″ or even 2”, you definitely need the 5” heavy-duty hinge.

How to stop self-closing doors from slamming

Adjustable door closing hinges will prevent door slamming.
All manual door closing devices mostly consist of 2 components: power output and speed control systems. With primitive options like 5-inch spring hinges, door slamming is destined to happen as there’s no viable speed control unit within. Door closer contrarily can offer a slamming-free closing for the built-in hydraulic buffer. Some rarity even adopts mechanical and hydraulic systems to prevent slamming like the Waterson Closer Hinge system.

See how Waterson hinge system prevents slamming.
Which One Is Better? Self Closing Or Soft Closing Hinge?

How to prevent 5-inch spring-loaded hinge from wearing out

Limited adjustability, insufficient loading capacity, and inappropriate settings are the top three culprits for the worn-out hinges. So, to keep hinges from being worn out, you need to find spring-loaded hinges with flexible adjustability, competent capacity for the door weight and avoid setting the hinges to its maximum, as the maximum setup would overstretch the spring systems quickly.

Spring-loaded hinges with rare sizes, like 5-inch or 6-inch, get worn out fast for its simple design(only coil spring inside)and the overwhelming door weight (mostly over 200 pounds).
After constant rotation on the heavy door or frequent spring hinge adjustment, the metal spring and tension pin soon lose its elasticity and resilience. This is when uncontrollable closing and banging slamming begins.

Dual systems (spring and hydraulic) improve the durability of spring by sharing the stress.
For example, the Waterson 5-inch adjustable hinge adopts two controlling systems:
1) hydraulic buffer
2) mechanical buffer
The double systems absorb excessive stress and loading, so the spring durability is extended.
In fact,some self-closing hinges even boast of one million cycles test with ANSI A156.17 Grade 1

More details on the dual systems:
Which One Is Better? Self Closing Or Soft Closing Hinge?

What finishes are available on the market?  (ANSI/BHMA Finish code) 

5-inch closer hinges are scarce, so are their finishes. Finishes contribute to both the requirements of aesthetics and durability. Some hinges use regular paintings or simply raw metal as the standard finishes. With Waterson adjustable hinge, you can choose a wide range of colors from Stainless Satin-Brushed(US32D/630), Black(US19/631), Oil Rubbed Bronze(US10B/613), Gold(US4/633), or any color you prefer for customized design.

Waterson PVD Gold finish closely resembles the Satin Brass finish; the base material is stainless steel, so it’s coded as its closest finish: US4/633.
The stainless steel materials and special coating ensure both satisfying visuals and lasting reliability.

Check out the full finish options

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