Swing clear hinge

People designed it for the maximum clearance.

In hospital corridors, the rushing trolleys need wider door entrance to avoid bumping into door and frames. Places like hospitals, schools, restaurants and shopping malls typically adopt swing clear hinge for its big clearance and easy entrance for users. In some cases, self-closing function is desperately needed for swing clear hinges.

As the video shows, the hinges swing the door clear of opening with self-closing functions.

A reliable self-closing hinges should be resilient to high frequency of use, resistant to user abuse and corrosion, competent for heavy doors with fire rated capacity. Better still, you don’t want to spend time on regular maintenance and re-adjustment. 

Which One Is Better? Self Closing Or Soft Closing Hinge?
swing clear hinge 02

Waterson K51L-SW –Swing Clear Series brings users barrier-free space and reliable self-closing function.

Waterson Self-closing hinges are designed specifically for these demanding expectations. With model K51L-SW Waterson hinge, you can have ample and wide clearance. The internal design is ADA compliant so closing door is unusually effortless. Currently we have customers around the world adopted our swing clear hinge in locations where maximum door entrance and stable self-closing performance is needed.

Simplistic Way To Install Door Closer For Fire Wood Door. Beautiful!
swing clear hinge 03

The special hinge leaf design delivers the maximum door opening.

Are you looking for swing clear hinge with reliable self-closing capacity?

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