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How to choose hardware for a heavy entrance door?

You would need to consider the following 3 key:

1.Minimize rework of floor:

if your door hardware requires cutting and digging the floor, you may want to rethink. The casualty of reworking the floor is the last thing your clients expect to see. The different texture and color of the reworked floor are another big headache.

2.Balance of aesthetic and pragmatic values:

entrance doors generally shield dwellers from public space. Automatic door-closing is commonly favored for safety issue.

3.High durability & Low cost of after-sales services:

exposure to blazing sun, wind force and corrosive rain would post a toll on your door hardware. To reduce the cost of customer services, you need a weather resistant hardware that withstands the field test of natural environment.

The construction and interior design industries are blooming and becoming highly competitive and specialized. The decision of accessories and hardware is as pivotal as sophistication of design and style. From exterior cement, steel material, glass, tiles, and door/window hardware, every detail counts in the competition of designers.

This time our client chooses Waterson Self-closing hinges for community entrance doors. Auto door-closing is preferred for concerns of security. Typically they could choose floor spring, but the time-consuming installation, propensity to rust, and rework of floor held the client back. They then turned to traditional door closer, but the swing arm is considered disruption of aesthetic design. They are also vulnerable under wind force and humidity in the outdoor environment.

Their colossal door is equipped with Waterson K51L-3D heavy-duty closer hinge with door adjuster, self-closing mechanism, and hydraulic buffer systems in the form of little hinges. Constructed in stainless steel 304, theses hinges guarantee a years-long services and weather resistance. Aesthetic, safe, and durable are all delivered via one little hinge!

Heavy Duty Closer Hinge For Entrance Door

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Heavy duty hinge
Entrance door hinge
Entrance door hinge
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