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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its 2010 Standards for Accessible Design set out the benchmark of providing the highest levels of convenience and safety for people with disabilities. Waterson USA remains focused on delivering the guidelines provided by them.

Our stainless steel closer hinge fully complies with ADA door compliance and even takes it a step ahead by providing the visual numerical penal for easy adjustment. Waterson Closer Hinge is your ultimate code-meeting, cost-effective, and time-saving solution.

ADA Door Clearance

Waterson Closer Hinges complies with ADA regulations regarding overhead clearance and protrusions. Overhead door closer hardware frequently used on doors like hotel guest rooms can cause complications. Standard commercial door heights are a minimum of 80”. At this height standard overhead door closure protrudes below the minimum allowable clearance for ADA compliant door requirements.

Commercial spaces such as hotels seeking to upgrade rooms to ADA compliance, that are currently outfitted with standard 80” frames benefit from side placement installation of Waterson Closer Hinges.This avoids the cost and disruption of construction to remove trim, remove door casing, remove drywall around jack studs, push up the header, and replace and repair the casing, install the new door, new drywall, then tape, mud, and paint the repaired area.

“Vertical Clearance [§307.4]”. United States Access Board

ADA Door Opening Force

The force that completes door closing affects the opening of the door at the same rate. This is usually unnoticeable for most of the people but unmanageable for users with mobility challenges.

Waterson Closer Hinges adjustments allow applying reasonable door closing force without adding unnecessary force to the opening motion. In fact, doors mounted with Waterson Closer Hinges fall well below the ADA guidelines of 5lbs of force and can be pushed open with the strength of just a single finger.

Seven Innovative Features – Waterson

“Opening Door to Everyone”. Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Door Closing Speed

Though not usually a concern for most areas, door closing speed is a critical component to making places safe and accessible for the alter-abled community. Doors that snap closed quickly make it difficult for users, particularly those with disabilities, to get through safely. Waterson Closer Hinges help maintain ADA compliance by meeting both of these requirements:

● Doors with closers should take at least 5 seconds to move from the open position at 90 degrees to 12 degrees from the latch.
● Doors with spring hinges should take at least 1.5 seconds to close from the open position of 70 degrees.

Seven Innovative Features – Waterson

“Opening Door to Everyone”. Americans with Disabilities Act

Extra bonus: Tax Incentive

Many other businesses update to accommodate ADA requirements, such as removing barriers, making provisions, modifying facilities, and more, may also qualify for tax deductions, tax credits, and/or a combination of both. Visit https://www.ada.gov/taxincent.htm for more information.

Our vision is to provide easy access for all, Waterson Closer Hinges are guaranteed to meet and exceed the standard by providing low-force mechanisms that feel light and also open to just a little more than a touch.

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