Project Description

Are you troubled by noise from slamming doors?

Read on, because we get an easy fix for you.

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Recently we received a call from a local apartment manager asking for help. The dwellers have all complained about the gnawing noise from the ever- slamming entrance gate. They were looking for a door closer with speed buffer, weather and corrosion resistance. Typical door closers and floor spring rarely stand a chance in the harsh outdoor environment. They finally found Waterson self-closing hinges and asked our team for installation services.

Waterson engineering team found two major problems on site:

  1. The dilapidated door closers had been dysfunctional and lost the speed buffer from hydraulic device.
  2. The weather beaten door frames were helplessly tilted and unstable; gate slamming and the shaking frame contributed to the annoying noise.

Waterson team stabilized the frame and unmounted the dead door closer. Within 10 minutes, a brand new and stable self-closing gate begins to work perfectly. Better still, the hinges requires no maintenance. Noise free and trouble free.

Outdoor gate hinge- corrosion resistance

Photo Gallery

Stainless steel gate hinges-K51P
Outdoor gate hinge -K51P
Outdoor gate hinge -K51P