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Five years ago, Hsi Hu Yuan, a prestigious apartment complex in Neihu, Taipei, called Waterson for help because their main gate was stuck by its rusted hinges. After fitting Waterson self-closing hinges, their gate regained the smooth closing with self-closing ability.Three years later, Waterson launched a new hydraulic model with buffering capacity. This customer immediately contacted us again for purchase.While our team was on the premises, something interesting caught our eyes. The original Waterson hinges were still functioning normally like day 1.  Certainly the hinges were mildly stained by dust and dirt, but it kept deliver stable closing power as it should do.To remedy the noise from slamming gate, we replaced one hinge with a new hydraulic model. The customers were all satisfied with the soft close effects.

outdoor gate hinge-three years ago



What problem can Waterson Hinge solve?

1.Self-closing powered by mechanical and hydraulic systems; your trusted partners for home security.

  • Reliable closing to to protect your family from trespassers!
  • Sleek hinge design,  vandal-resistant door closer.
  • Effortless open and soft close.
  • Barrier-free: easy access even with luggage in hand.
  • Injury-proof: soft close to prevent slamming and injury!

2.Corrosion-proof and weather resistance

  • Designed to stand the test from gusts and rain.
  • Save cost of frequent replacement.

3.Certified durability and cost efficiency

  • Waterson self-closing hinge has underwent 1 million cycle test.Trustworthy durability certified by UL; minimize cost of maintenance and after-sales.
Gate Door Solution

1 million cycles: our certificate, your confidence.

Tested with stringent standards, Waterson Self-closing Hinge team strive to guarantee optimal quality for every detail. 1 millions cycles is not merely test statistics, it embodies our commitment to offer you a care-free and convenient lifestyle, with uncompromised attitude towards the best quality.

Contact us today and enjoy a updated life quality!

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