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Earlier this year one of our customers residing on the California coast reached out to us looking for a corrosion-resistant closing solution for his exterior shower room. His surroundings were frequently affected by water, sand and salt, so he needed a durable solution to withstand this harsh environment.

Waterson gate stainless steel hinges

Waterson Corrosion resistant stainless steel hinges for exterior shower rooms


Crafted from stainless steel, Waterson gate hinges are ideal for exterior use, particularly in rugged or corrosive environments. The interior mechanism is effectively protected with a secure cap. However, you can also choose from a variety of decorative protection caps that will match your style needs.

Waterson gate steel hinges caps

The interior mechanism of Waterson gate stainless steel hinges is effectively protected with a variety of decoratively secure caps

Waterson closer gate springed hinges for square tubing are available in four state-of-the-art styles – butt hinge, half surface and two full surface types. Each type provides speed control, ADA compliance, and weldability for commercial and residential use.   

  • Butt Surface:  Operates like a full-mortise hinge.  Great for most common gates that operate like a regular door.  
  • Half Surface:  Ideal for mid-post positioned doors like half gates in supermarkets. 
  • Full Surface:  Suitable for interior or exterior post gates.  Available in back plate clamp style (K51P) and screw-only weldable type (K51PS).
Waterson gate stainless steel hinges - K51P series

Waterson gate stainless steel hinges – K51 series

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