1. Choose the fitting one

Two mechanisms deliver different function. Choose based on your preference.

self closing hinge-function
DSSpring power+Spring powerDual Power adjuster, double power output
SA1Spring power+Mechanical bufferDoor closing+control closing speed in 0°-20°
SASpring power+Mechanical bufferDoor closing+control closing speed in 20°-90°
SBSpring power+Hold-openDoor closing+control closing speed+hold-open at 85°+/-5°
HSHydraulic buffer+Spring powerHydraulic buffer in 0-20°+control speed in 20-90°
HAHydraulic buffer+Mechanical bufferHydraulic + mechanical buffer control closing speed in 20°-90°

2. Mechanical & Hydraulic: similar, but not the same

Hydraulic hinge offers 2 stages of deacceleration similar to door closer,
while mechanical hinge offers quite average closing speed using a special mechanical damper.
Which One Is Better? Self Closing Or Soft Closing Hinge?

3. Little accessory makes a huge difference

Weatherstripping and door locks all make the door-closing process harder.
You really want to consider these factors for a ideal closing performance when choosing your door closer.

silent seal create difference

4. Hinge positioning

See the hinge positioning chart below for different hinge combination.

Hinge placement :3 hinges(US)
3 hinges (NON-US)
Hinge placement : 4 hinges
Hinge placement :5 hinges

5. Save a little space for me!

Preserve installation space for hinge barrel to avoid contact with door or door frames.