5 Innovative Features

Waterson hinges are renowned for their innovative design and precision features.  Learn more below about how you can benefit when you choose Waterson.


Precision Adjustability

Waterson’s patented numerical adjustment panel allows users to easily adjust to the desired closing force.  Tension correction ensures effective door closing, as well as efficient installation thanks to this innovative and precise force setting capability.  Suitable for heavy-duty doors.


Speed Control

Waterson hinges are designed with a state of the art speed control function that allows users to precisely adjust door movement speed.  Three easily customized speed zones provide an adaptable experience suitable for various closing needs.


Low Force Opening

With Waterson hinges, you can open doors of any weight with as little as 5lbs of force.  Where traditional door closers generate much resistance upon opening, Waterson hinged doors open effortlessly.  Suitable for high traffic commercial doors and senior communities.


Weather Resistant

Crafted with rust-resistant stainless steel, Waterson hinges are capable of withstanding all weather conditions and corrosive industrial environments.  Suitable for hotel swimming areas, seaside resorts, and chemical-heavy production workplaces, to name a few.


Hold Open

The hold-open feature stops doors in place exclusively at 90 degrees. When you open doors with Waterson hinges to 90 degrees they will stay at that position without moving.  Doors are free to move beyond 90 degrees, however once passed perpendicular, they will self-close. Doors will not stop again at 90 degrees while in a closing motion. Not suitable for fire-rated doors.


Choose the fitting one

Two mechanisms deliver different function. Choose based on your preference.


DSSpring power+Spring powerDual Power adjuster, double power output
SA1Spring power+Mechanical bufferDoor closing+control closing speed in 0°-20°
SASpring power+Mechanical bufferDoor closing+control closing speed in 20°-90°
SBSpring power+Hold-openDoor closing+control closing speed+hold-open at 85°+/-5°
HSHydraulic buffer+Spring powerHydraulic buffer in 0-20°+control speed in 20-90°
HAHydraulic buffer+Mechanical bufferHydraulic + mechanical buffer control closing speed in 20°-90°


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