Glass railing systems are frequently used as attractive barriers around pools and jacuzzis in high-end residential and commercial buildings. They provide an easily maintained and aesthetically pleasing option that can improve safety and perhaps even market value in some circumstances. Glass gates often need self-closing due to safety regulations since they are generally [...]

OVERVIEW Successful hotel and hospitality management teams deliver exemplary guest experiences at the crossroads of operational and financial efficiency. From the front of house dining and entertaining services to the back of the house ensuring ample accommodations and guests’ comfort, each arm of a hotel’s operations is charged with finding that balance between [...]

Safety and reliability are the holy grails for outdoor gate closer hinges. A gate closer hinge plays the pivotal role of controlling door access, so safety requirements and regulations are strictly enacted in some regions like the USA and Australia. The outdoor environment is harsh for door hardware of all kinds, so reliability is [...]

Arched top doors are trendy! Arched top doors have recently gained a great deal of storefront door popularity due to their elegance and aesthetics. Many companies have been choosing arched top as their entrance. For example, Balmain Fashion Company, the French luxury clothing and perfume leader, chose arched top doors [...]

For scenario like low ceiling and tight corners, you need something else than traditional door closer for self-closing effects. See how Waterson Hinges are chosen by the national association of Architechs and solved the jarring problem with traditional door closers.

Are you looking for heavy-duty door closer for your office? Waterson hinges function as a beautifully designed hinge, with features of closing speed adjustment and hold-open at 90° position.

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