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Glass to glass hinges-K51GG

With Waterson Door-closer hinge, Installation and adjustment is lightning fast and simple.

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 Splendid and Safe

Glass doors are widely adopted for its crystal-clear transparency and better lighting than doors of other materials. Interior design with glass doors is free of problems like diminished light sources and sense of separation. The glass material is safe and doesn’t require painting and other refinement with possible leakage of toxic gas or odor. In the era of green building materials, glass doors are favored by a huge audience of designers and builders.

Simple and Intuitive

For this trend of glass door, Waterson Door-closer glass hinges are developed. For installation, simply drill the glass per hinge screw hole pattern, then install the hinges using a screw driver. To adjust closing and speed, you only need a hex wrench and set the closing speed to suit personal preference. Everything is simple and intuitive.





Back (beneath the clamping plate)


You won’t see the protruding arms and boxes of traditional door closer. The strenuous digging and cutting processes for floor spring are also now unnecessary. Door opening is effortless: even a little child under 5 can manage it safely and easily.

Floor Spring No More!

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Glass to glass hinges-K51GG
Glass to glass hinges-K51GG
Glass to glass hinges-K51GG