Project Description

Previously consumers typically chose “floor springs” as door closing hardware for frameless glass doors due largely to a dearth of other options. While floor springs generally work well and provide self-closing features, they do require a significant installation effort, especially when retrofitting an existing doorway.  Now, installation aside, humidity and moisture can pose a real problem for floor spring function and longevity.

Environments like the bathroom shown in the video are inevitably humid due to cleaning and excessive water evaporation. The floor spring’s embedded ground hinges are prone to rust as a result of this excess moisture. Rust ultimately leads to poor floor spring function that can easily result in loss of the self-closing feature.

Waterson Glass Door Closer Hinges solved this problem by crafting stainless steel “Glass to Wall” door ­closer hinges that are impervious to moisture. Installation is easy and ten times faster than traditional floor closers — simply drill holes through the glass door based on Waterson hole specification, and you will be on your way to having a perfect glass door hinge!

Our state-of-the-art design and non-asbestos soft gasket material provide exceptional stability and reliable function.  Waterson Hinges are an elegant solution for a multitude of glass doors in commercial and high-end residential places like meeting rooms, offices, bathrooms, and more.


K51GWL – Glass to Wall/Metal 

door hinge hardware

Glass to Wall Door Closer