Modern commercial office spaces serve as employee work areas and customer meeting locations. Business owners recognize the importance of aesthetically-pleasing environments that reflect their brand and welcome customers. This applies to all office areas, including entryways where elegant frameless glass doors in various colors are increasingly used.

However, when it comes to frameless glass doors interior for office spaces, traditional door closers can be challenging due to their size and the need for a door frame connection. Additionally, floor spring hinges require extensive and intrusive preparation, which is both costly and time-consuming. This presents designers and contractors with significant obstacles.

Waterson glass door hinges provide durability, stability and an attractive design that compliments modern office environments.  Waterson’s unique design allows hinges to hold interior frameless glass doors stably by drilling directly through the glass rather than simply clamping.

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Interior Glass Door Heavy Duty Applications

Waterson Glass Door Closer Hinges for interior spaces are expertly crafted using high-quality materials while customizing your swing door with a wide range of hardware options. With the heavy-duty stainless steel hinges, the custom made can accommodate glass up to ½” thick, allowing for smooth and soft swinging of 8 ft doors. Waterson Glass Door Closer Hinges are the perfect choice for commercial office applications.

Modern Door Aesthetics

Available in three custom pleasing finishes — black, white, and stainless steel, Waterson glass door closer hinges accommodate modern design trends like thin frames.  Where floor closers are too bulky for narrow mounts, Waterson products adapt seamlessly to any size.

Waterson Glass Closer Hinges Traditional In Floor Closers
Closer Location Side of door.  Installs easily like regular hinges Cut and drilled into the floor.  Greater effort. 
Opening Force Effortless Requires more effort
Sustainability Maintains structural quality over time Susceptible to rust
Total Cost Low installation & maintenance expense High installation & maintenance expense
Durability 1 million cycle test certified Various cycle test levels

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