Heavy-duty gate hinges represent a breakthrough in gate hardware, offering unparalleled versatility and reliability for both indoor and outdoor gate applications. These types of gate hinges are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern gates. Whether it’s a commercial gate, a residential outdoor gate, or an interior swinging half door, these heavy-duty gate hinges provide a blend of strength, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

types of gate hinges

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Half Surface Style: Functionality Meets ADA Compliance

Ideal for half door applications, half surface hinges support doors up to 150lbs, fitting door sizes around 4ft x 6ft with a thickness of 1 ¾” (40-50 mm). These hinges feature a self-closing mechanism for secure closure, fluid motion for smooth operation, and a hold-open option for added convenience. Additionally, these hinges meet ADA vertical clearance standards, as they do not intrude into the doorway, unlike some overhead closers. With durability and low maintenance, they’re a practical choice for various environments.
types of gate hinges

Butt Hinges Style: A Closer Look

Butt hinges, tailored for door sizes up to 4ft x 7ft and available in a thickness of 1 ¾”, offer a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. These hinges are suitable for doors that open up to 120° and can operate effectively in those environments with temperatures above 32°F (0°C). Designed with both mechanical and hydraulic mechanisms, they support the need for a quiet and smooth closing experience. The numerical panel offers precise tension adjustment, providing a superior aesthetic, compared to traditional door closers. With its non-obtrusive arms and a convenient hold-open feature, doors can be effortlessly maintained at a 90° angle, enhancing both accessibility and convenience.

types of gate hinges

Full Surface Design: Advanced Features

Full surface clamping style gate hinges represent advanced engineering and thoughtful design, perfect for outdoor gates mounted on metal square posts. They are crafted to meet the challenges of gate hardware, emphasizing durability and adaptability. Exceptionally corrosion-resistant, these hinges are ideal for harsh weather conditions or coastal areas with corrosive elements. The design’s adaptability is boosted by extender sizes, ensuring compatibility with 2″, 3″, and 4″ steel square posts. This versatility makes them apt for various gate designs and sizes, suitable for diverse architectural needs and aesthetic preferences, especially in outdoor applications.

types of gate hinges

Waterson Types of Heavy Duty Self Closing Gate Hinges

Waterson Gate Hinges combine speed control self-closing technology and traditional hinge mechanism into one attractive component. Available in full surface and mid-post versions, Waterson Gates Hinges are crafted from durable 304, 316, and 316Lmarine grade stainless steel. These low-maintenance gate closer hinges are easily adjustable to meet ADA & ICC A117.1 requirements for 5lb opening force and closing speed. UL-listed one million cycle times grade-1 testing ensures high quality, secure closing, and reliability in the interior, exterior, and harshest environments. See all our features.

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