The seaside environment is a sublime killer for outdoor hardware.  Being one of the most dreamt-after destinations for avid travelers, Phu Quoc Island has attracted millions of tourists with its stretching beaches, lush forests, and the boundless seascape. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the balmy weather here offers constant sea breeze and pleasant drizzles. 

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Could you imagine there’s a group of people who are tormented by such a beautiful seaside environment?

The harsh truth from science

All the top-notched hotels, villas, and resorts all face one seemingly harmless factor: the pleasant sea breeze. The boundless seascape is indeed the source of corrosive agents, especially for exterior doors hardware.

The salinity of seawater is around 3.5%. This means the evaporated seawater constantly goes with the refreshing sea breeze to the land and corrode outdoor door hardware like outdoor door closer and hinge. This is a huge headache for property owners because they would have to replace the rusted hardware constantly. Outdoor hinges, door closers, door handles, and other outdoor door hardware are all destined to rust quickly.

 See how does Waterson closer hinge applied in the seaside area

The sea breeze that cost you $1,500,000

One of the biggest property developers in Vietnam recently asked us for advice. They’ve tried concealed hinges for the exterior doors of their six-stars hotels. The concealed hinges presented two problems:

1.Unstable: sometimes the hinges fail to close the door
2.Rust: the zinc-alloy material succumbs to marine corrosion in less a year

This may not sound like a huge problem for the small-time inns, because replace a hinge cost you not much time. However here we are looking at the six-stars hotels & resorts complex with more than 5,000 doors.

How painful is this? The math here is simple: the average room rate per night for a high-end hotel is USD$300, so every time a hinge breaks, the room will be unserviceable, then the hotel loses $300. If all the hinges all rusted and broken in one year, as our partners hurtfully conceded, then the hotel would lose $1,500,000 (5,000 doors x $300 room rate) annually.

Here’s the example from Hilton Hotels; this shows you the importance of choosing the right self-closing outdoor hinge.

Super Durable Door Closer Hinge, with UL ANSI/BHMA A-156.17 Grade1

Waterson closer hinge to the rescue

This year we shipped pallets of Waterson self-closing hinges to our dear partners in Phu Quoc Island. Our customers will need more and gradually replace all the old and rusted hinges. 

Waterson self-closing hinges are designed to withstand the outdoor aggression from acidic corrosion and UV rays.

  • Adjustable: 7-speed adjustable for flexible control
  • Weather-resistant: 304/316 materials with a special coating
  • Simplistic: simple installation and setup; time-saving for property owner!
exterior door: rain exposure
exterior door: no rain exposure
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