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Why Waterson self-closing gate hinge last longer than others at the outdoor?

Take a closer look at the photos below. After 3 years in field, the cosmetic of Waterson outdoor gate hinge is mildly rusty. However, the self-closing feature is working normally as usual. By contrast, other gate hardware such as gate lock, lock latch is already compromised after 6 months due to the salty and harsh environment. Waterson self-closing gate hinge, indeed, stands for a reliable solution of pragmatic and sever nature.

-Three years ago-

Pool Gate Hinge K51P

-After three years-

Outdoor gate hinge - after 3 years
Outdoor gate hinge - after 3 years
beach gate hinge - dophin beach club

How long is long enough for the door application?

Dolphin Beach Club locates in the vicinity of the Daytona Beach,FL. You can easily envisage the relentless assaults from rain corrosion, beating wind, and the saline attack from the sea wind near the sea.

The renowned Dolphin Beach Club in Florida chose and installed Waterson hinges on the outdoor metal gates. Among the countless choices of door closing hardware, Waterson self-closing gate hinge is being chose due to great durability.

Typical gate hardware doesn’t stand a chance in this harsh environment, and this is a great chance for Waterson gate hinge. While other gate hardware starts failing after 6 months, Waterson stainless steel fence gate hinge survives more than 3 years in this case.

Gate Door Hinge Multiple Leave Support Size

What do other elements matter for a durable gate hinge?

  1. Purely spring loading system with speed adjustability. (Waterson hinge includes special designed spring, which proves to be very long lasting for 1 million cycle tests under UL labs.)
  2. No hydraulic system. No leaking oil.
  3. Meet ADA code without unnecessarily resistant when using the gate.

Users for a gate hinge could be women, elderly and kids. When a metal gate become too heavy to use (Not because of the gate weights itself. But, because of the self-closing feature), users feel troubles.

There must be some reasons for a high-end hotel to choose Waterson self-closing gate hinge to try on their valuable property. Why not dig them out by yourself? Contact us today if you have similar challenges in your project.


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Outdoor gate hinge- against the harsh environment
Stainless steel gate hinges
Stainless steel gate hinges