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According to the news, New York landlords are required to install self-closing doors to prevent the deadliest Bronx apartment fire from happening again.  Many owners chose spring hinges as their automatically closing door solution.  While both conventional spring hinges mechanism and Waterson Closer Hinges have the same advantage – self-closing functionality, Waterson hinges actually sustain longer, adjust easier, and can be used on both interior and exterior openings.  Read below to find out more details.

Sustain Longer

Some of the famous spring hinges are designed for medium to heavyweight doors and low to medium frequency usage applications. But, Waterson’s self-closing mechanism passed UL certified one million cycle testings and are intended to apply on heavyweight and high-frequency usage ones.

Adjust Easier Without Door Slam

Unlike most spring hinges, Waterson’s VISUAL numerical tension panel and patented speed control unit make the adjustment process much assured and precise. Installers can effortlessly use the installation kit we provide to achieve the ideal tension based on different environments or user needs. At the end of the day, you have a clean-looking, speed controlled, self-closing door.

Seven Innovative Features – Waterson

List of the installation kit 

  • Both machined #12-24 UNC ½” L and wooden tapping #12 x 1 ¼” screws included — eight (8) of each type per hinge.  Pack contains five (5) spares as well.
  • Three steel adhesive shims for gap adjustment between door and frame as needed 
  • Tension Crook:  Keeps hinge open during installation  
  • 5mm & 3mm hex allen wrenches
Hinge Adjustment

Interior & Exterior

Exterior doors, by definition, are the doors to enter or leave a building.  Due to the new law enforcement in New York City, every entry door — exterior door also needs to incorporate a self-closing mechanism. However, most spring hinges are not designed to use on these doorways. 

On the other hand, Waterson Closer Hinges can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Made by stainless steel material, they can readily resist harsh environments and perform auto door closing features consistently.

Spring Hinge
Waterson Closer Hinge
  • Waterson hinges can perform smooth opening and closing in harsh environments. 

Features WATERSON’s Spring Hinges
Door Weights Heavy Medium-Heavy
Usage Frequency High Low-Medium
Visual Tension Panel O X
Easy to Adjust O X
Self-Closing Function O O
Speed Control w/o Slam O X
Interior Application O O
Exterior Application O X

Note: Waterson 3in1 self-closing hinge follows ANSI A156.7. It is a standard template hinge. Installers can remove the original spring hinge mechanism and change them into Waterson’s without extra door and frame modifications. Therefore, any existing doors with standard dummy hinges ( 4×4, 4.5×4.5, 5×5 )  can easily change into self-closing doors as well.

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