When most industry people think about Waterson hinges, they think about commercial projects due to Waterson’s well-known durability. While this is certainly true, Waterson also provides fantastic closing solutions for residential buildings because of their standardized patterns, size, and aesthetically pleasing look.

 4 inch self closing door hinge

4” Self-closing Door Hinge

Generally, newer construction over the past decade uses round radius hinge corners on the door and square corners on the frame side. Waterson provides the 4” height leaf size with 1/4” or ⅝” corners with zig-zag or architectural arch patterns for easily fitting these modern residential specs. Thus, Waterson hinges can be easily adapted to current patterns.

Moreover, Waterson also provides highly effective self-closing functionality that helps to satisfy fire-rated garage doors and fire-rated apartment complex entries. Waterson’s 4-inch self-closing spring door hinge meets ADA requirements, making heavy door use easy and safe. This best-in-business hardware item boasts adjustable speed to prevent slamming, making it the ideal product for residential corners and exterior doors. The self-closing spring hinge ships globally, ensuring meeting ADA’s 5-second closing time – a need for safety in homes with children or the elderly. The 4-Inch self-closing spring hinges are perfect for your business needs.

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How many Waterson Closers do you need on a residential opening?

Home inspectors look for effective self-closing. On a 3070 door, for example, we recommend starting with two Waterson closer hinges on residential applications and adding a third as needed. When installing, begin with the top-mounted hinge followed by the bottom one. Self-closing hinge placement is better on the top of the door for the most effective self-closing function. We don’t recommend installing a single hinge in the middle of the door.


Hold Open is not allowed on a fire-rated residential door

Waterson offers adjustability features that most hinge companies do not, but everyday users may want, such as “hold open.” The hold-open feature stops doors in place exclusively at 90 degrees. When you open doors with Waterson hinges to 90 degrees, they will stay in that position without moving.

Spring-loaded, 4-inch self-closing door hinges enable doors to swing beyond 90 degrees but self-close beyond the perpendicular. This feature works excellently when bringing groceries or supplies into your home. However, it must be noted that fire-rated garage doors cannot have a hold-open feature as per regulations. It’s up to the homeowner to make his final decision.

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