Commercial partitions like restrooms, shower rooms, and fitting room doors might be one of the most taken-for-granted items in our daily lives — few people give them a second thought during use. However, for those with disabilities the calculus changes, as door hardware placement, function, and consistency play a greater role.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides a number of door and gate hardware requirements. With regards to ADA door handles, the code states that they should, a) allow one-hand operation, b) not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist, c) hand-activated door hardware shall be centered between 30-44 inches above the floor, d) the door handle height should be tall enough to accommodate a through-hand movement, and e) door pulls are required on both sides near the latch.

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Source: U.S. Access Board, Compartment Doors

In terms of matching door handle placement, most manufacturers do not consider back-to-back door handle requirements at the time of production, so they fail to produce hardware that is mirror-placed on both sides of the door. This causes installers and technicians to drill larger than necessary holes to accommodate the bolts from either side. This not only can lead to door handles easily loosening, but larger holes tend to be easily visible and unsightly.

Waterson can provide back-to-back ADA door handles to solve these installation and aesthetic problems. In addition, our door closer hinges also satisfy ADA 5lbs opening force, thereby making Waterson an ideal commercial partition door solution. Waterson products are designed and manufactured by skilled technicians who can customize specific needs into each design. Feel free to contact Waterson for more information or a quotation concerning your ADA door hardware needs.

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