Choosing the right door hinge is vital for your home’s comfort and functionality, especially with kids, pets, or elderly relatives. When selecting a 4-inch door hinge 5/8 radius, consider not only the hinge’s features but also its compliance with building codes to meet user needs and legal standards. Here are key factors to consider when choosing an effective door hinge:

Speed Control to Protect Your Doors and Fingers

A door that slams shut is not just about audible annoyance — it can be a hazard, especially for small fingers and paws! Speed control hinges provide gentle closing action, prolonging the life of your door hardware and door frames, while also protecting what’s most valuable: the safety of those inside.

4 inch door hinge 5 8 radius


Self-Closing Feature for Easy Garage Access and Security

A self-closing mechanism goes beyond convenience; it’s a warranty of safety and compliance features. Imagine a fire-rated garage door that automatically closes after you pass through, especially when your hands are full. This feature not only meets safety regulations for fire doors but also boosts security by preventing doors from being left open unintentionally, deterring unauthorized access.

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Doors

Measure the Existing Hinge for Accuracy

The best way to ensure you get the right hinge is to measure the existing one on your door. Be meticulous in your measurements, ensuring that you cover the height, width, and, most importantly, the radius of the corners, as a 5/8 radius is quite specific and you want to make sure it’s a perfect match.

4 inch door hinge 5/8 radius

Look for Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Don’t skimp on materials. Cheaper residential door hinges may save you money in the short term, but they’ll likely cost you more in repairs or replacements down the line. Look for hinges made from durable materials like solid brass or stainless steel that are engineered for longevity and come with a quality finish to resist corrosion and wear.

Why Waterson 4 Inch Self-closing Door Hinge 

Q: I don’t require self-closing features as my door lacks fire rating. My main concern is preventing the door from slamming due to wind.

A: Certainly. Our recommended solution involves replacing the existing interior door hinges with Waterson’s HA hinge, which incorporates a hydraulic buffer. This simple replacement will address your door’s wind-related slamming issue effectively. ( See our door closer mechanism here )

Q: Do you offer zig-zag screw pattern?

A: For sure. Our closer hinge is designed to match your existing zig-zag screw pattern while offering self-closing functionality simultaneously.

Standard Screw Pattern
Zig-zag Screw Pattern ( add link )

Q: I’m interested in specifying hinges as either square edge or rounded edge.

A: We provide square, 3/4R, or 5/8R edge options for 4-inch x 4-inch self-closing door hinges. Learn more about how to order here.

Q: The hinge side of my door has a 5/8 radius, while the door side is rectangular. The height is 4 inches. Can you assist?

A: Certainly. This would be considered a custom order with an approximate lead time of 30 days. All hinges are made of stainless steel.

Waterson 4 Inch Door Hinge 5/8 Radius

Waterson Closer Hinges combine an overhead closer and hinge into one attractive component with optional hold-open and door stop features. Waterson hinges are ideal for commercial openings, gates, and glass doors. These closer hinges are easily installed and adjusted to comply with ADA & ICC A117.1 requirements for opening force and to assure quiet, secure closing. Made with stainless steel, Waterson closer hinges meet NFPA 80 and are UL 3-hour fire-rated, as well as being one of the best door hinges for both interior and all-weather exterior openings. See all our features.

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Please note that Waterson closer hinges start from a size of 4″x4″. If you’re in need of smaller self-closing hinges, we’d recommend checking out some other resources! Also, we only provide single acting closer hinges. Thank you.

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