Among all the self-closing hinges on the market, what are the main differences?
What benefits you get from Waterson?

1.Spend lots of time on fitting hinges?
    Installation Guidance

  • Baseline:Attached to door, making sure hinge installed straight in 3 seconds.
  • Special Screw Hole:Specialized countersink hole, ensuring screws all fastened nice and tight.
self closing hinges

2.Not enough closing power?
   You need: Wide Range of Adjustment

  • Adjustable Power from 10-70 KG
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Damper 
  • Adjustable Hold-open
self closing door hinge adjustment

3.Overcoming Differential Air Pressures:

  • Flexible closing speed: smooth and stable closing even in small room with air pressure differences.

▲ Multi-speed closing

▲Overcoming differential air pressures

4.Confused by numerous models?    
    Simplistic Models 

  • Error-proofing models: you won’t buy the wrong models
  • Non-handed: open both ways
  • Same models for 10-70 KG
self closing door hinge

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