While there are many materials available for door shims, such as plastic and wood, finding a reliable and sturdy steel door shim can be a challenge. Steel door shims offer superior strength and durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty doors or those subject to frequent use. However, not all steel door shims are created equal, and it’s important to find compliant shims for fire-rated doors.

Metal Door Shims: The Solution for Fire Rated Door

There are 3 popular metal door shims, which are aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel. However, according to NFPA 80, section, steel shims are the only acceptable shim to be used when shimming Fire-rated Door Assemblies. The stainless steel shims are ideal for shimming commercial doors, especially for fire-rated applications, which can stand for 20, 45, 60, 90, or 180 minutes of fire resistance. Besides, these metal door shims are fully adjustable, aesthetically pleasing, and UL-certified for durability. In this case, the client is using them to ensure that the doors have the correct margins, as required by fire-rated standards.


When it comes to choosing the right hinge shims for your location and application, it’s important to consider the material of the shims. While plastic and wood shims are available, metal door shims are often the best choice for their durability and strength which is typically 4-1/2″ length x 1-5/8″ width. Additionally, the thickness of these shims should be between .040-.060 for optimal functionality. There are also some mild steel shim 0.5mm (0.020″) thick x 300mm wide that can be used for both interior and exterior doors. Importantly, our shims feature an adhesive on the back for easy installation, ensuring they remain in place before the screws are tightened. This innovative design won’t fall off prematurely, reducing the risk of installation errors. Proper use of shims, placed behind the hinge or jamb, can help square up an opening, allowing the door to close properly without binding. By selecting the right shims and using them correctly, you can ensure that your site or location has secure and functional doors that meet your needs.

Waterson’s Stainless Steel Door Shims

Waterson was approached by a client seeking a reliable source for steel door shims that are compliant with fire-rated standards. The client was impressed with Waterson’s hinges and shims, and couldn’t find a comparable product elsewhere. After some research, the client referred Waterson’s products to Himmels, who is also utilizing the hinges and shims for a significant Vanderbilt job. Despite some initial questions on how to adjust the hinges, everyone seems to love the products.

Waterson’s metal door shims are rectangular stainless-steel shims, which can be easily peeled and stuck onto a door jamb or frame. They are fully removable and repositionable, while also stacked to increase thickness when needed. It’s worth noting that Waterson includes the proper shims inside the Mechanical Adjustable Self Closing Hinge package already, which is convenient for clients who need to maintain a stock of these shims. The client has also referred Waterson’s hinges and shims to Himmels for a significant Vanderbilt project.


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