Question 1 – Do you currently have any distributors in the United States?

At the moment, we only have distributors in DCI Metro, New Jersey and McCarthy, Nashville. Get in contact with our team today if you are interested in joining our network of distributors.
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Question 2 – What price can you offer us?

This will be discussed once you start the process of becoming a distributor. We always endeavor to offer the best deals to individuals who can start expanding the Waterson market share as soon as possible. It is also important that we have a mutual trust, if we are looking for a lucrative partnership over a long period of time.


Question 3 – Is stock only held in Taiwan or is there some in the United States?

Our main warehouse is based in Georgia, USA, and have an Amazon warehouse too. We only import from Taiwan for larger sized orders. If you are placing a smaller order, then we have a great reputation for getting that to you as fast as possible if you live in Georgia or the surrounding states.

Question 4 – What method of shipping do you use and what is the estimated delivery time?

It all depends on the urgency of the projects and orders, but we generally ship out either by sea or air.

• The sea freight journey can take around 60 days to get your order to your door.
  Though this is only an option if you are looking to ship out larger quantities.

• The air freight on the other hand, takes just three days to deliver it to your door.
  UPS is one of the providers we tend to use the most.

Only have a small order? Then you’ll be pleased to know that small orders are handled quickly and shipped faster than you’d expect.

Question 5 – Will I need a import ability?

Not at Waterson, as we will handle all aspects of the process and send the hinges directly to your door. However, if you are interested in handling it by yourself, we will make this easy for you.

Question 6 – What would qualify as a distributor?

We don’t have too many requirements.

Here are things we are looking for:
– Already an established distributor for other hardware brands
( ex: Assa, Dorma, Allegions,..)

– Already being a supplier for contractors projects for more than 3 years

– Ability and willingness to promote Waterson Hinge to those contractors

– The minimum stock requirement USD$ 2,000 / first order

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