Counter doors are popular in some workplaces like courtrooms, bank offices, factories, and even kindergartens, to name a few. Sometimes, these commercial applications require self-closing features.  For example, half doors can provide security on playgrounds, and keep small children safe by preventing them from freely coming and going. Additionally, the absence of slamming doors ensures that no kids get hurt.  No slamming also benefits courtrooms, where quiet is essential.

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Traditional door closers can’t accommodate half door applications.  Moreover, spring hinges tend to cause counter doors to close fast and dangerously.  Waterson Hinges, on the other hand, are perfect for half doors because of their adjustable speed control and noiseless features, making them an attractive and effective solution.


Crafted with stainless steel, Waterson closer hinges are ideal for interior and exterior door openings. Our hybrid system, which self-closes very quietly and slowly, works quite well in interior environments, whereas the Waterson mechanical solution not only controls speed, but also responds durably in harsh outdoor applications.

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  • The video from our exterior gate project located in Hong Kong can explain the idea well.
counter door hinge-05
counter door hinge-05
  • Another interior gate project in NY, USA can also tell the story for self-closing.Some half doors only need two Waterson closer hinges, while others might need three. Contact us for configuration to create a better closing experience.

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