Top Solution For The Concealed Door Closer

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Top Solution For The Concealed Door Closer

Minimum visual intrusion has always been one of the pinnacle of door closer design. That is what lead to birth of concealed door closer.  However, there are a few things you should note before making the decision.

Why Hotel Owners Gave Up Concealed Door Closer?

A hotel project near the seashore in Okinawa, Japan tells the story. Designers had chosen concealed door closer for the obvious purpose for aesthetics purpose. After fitting some doors, however, hotel owner started to look for alternative for concealed door closer because of:

  • Extra machining costs on the door frame: The concealed door closer needs to mortise into the frame, causing extra costs for machining.
  • Non-Weather Resistant: The seashore air and humidity would make the closer rust much faster.
  • Expensive Maintenance & Replacement: labor cost for the laborious door closer adjustment and maintenance.
concealed hinge

The interesting thing about concealed door closer is that you can still see the overhead arms every time the door opens and closes. Visibility is most times inevitable for commercial door closer.

What factors affect your costs? Cost Breakdown Tells

consealed door closer price

The overall cost for the hotel owners includes:

  1. Purchase costs of hardware in advance
  2. Installation Cost on site
  3. Maintenance & Replacement Cost in the future

To manage long-term cost, you need to consider not only the purchase cost, but installation and maintenance as well. For commercial door closer, meticulous calculation of cost is especially crucial for cost-saving purpose.

In a word, Concealed Door Closer Redefined

Waterson Self-closing hinge was favored by the hotel owner for:

  • Fast Installation: Install hinges and closers at one time
  • Maintenance Free: Reduce replacement
  • Rust Resistant: stainless steel against all corrosive agents.
  • Aesthetics: functions of door closer are all condensed in a little hinge

This is indeed a new type of “concealed door closer”- the powerful door closer is now concealed and hidden in the little hinges.

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