Waterson commercial door hinges have become a self-closing device manufacturing leader in the meeting pod segment. Over the past few years, Waterson has provided closing solutions for a variety of exceptional commercial and industrial producers. From office and industrial settings to retail, storefront, and factory areas, our Waterson commercial door closers effortlessly meet even the most challenging requirements.

Design Meets Quiet Efficiency for Business Spaces

Modern commercial office spaces play a crucial role as work areas for employees and meeting venues for customers:

  • Suitable for Offices: Essential for employee workspaces and customer meetings.
  • Aesthetic and Brand Alignment: Importance of visually appealing, brand-consistent environments. Engineered for design, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  • Noise Reduction: Hinges are designed to prevent door slamming, ensuring quietness and privacy.

commercial door hinges

Industrial Safety and Functionality

  • Factory Component Selection: Emphasis on safety and functionality.
  • Gate Hinge Materials: Crafted for industrial standards, with adjustable closing speeds. Small but crucial for secure manufacturing environments.
  • Prevent Accidents: Stopping angles to reduce door-related incidents in industrial settings.

Waterson commercial door hinges

Enhancing Retail Experience and Fitting Room Accessibility

Retailers worldwide continually strive to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. A critical aspect of this enhancement is the fitting room. To meet the needs, retailers use Waterson heavy duty spring hinges for accurate fitting room occupancy signals. These commercial door hinges prevent false “occupied” displays by stopping just before the latch. This adjustment ensures rooms appear available when unoccupied, streamlining customer flow, and offering a simple solution for a better retail environment.

Waterson Heavy Duty Commercial Door Hinges

Waterson Closer Hinges combine an overhead closer and hinge into one attractive component with optional and outstanding features:

        • 3hr Fire Rated- UL Listed
        • Commercial Grade
        • 304/ 316 Stainless Steel
        • Aesthetically Pleasing
        • Fully Speed & Force Adjustable
        • ADA Compliant
        • Interior and All-Weather Exterior
        • ANSI A156.17 Grade One