Before Adjusting

Upon installation, set hinge to “N” tension

Before adjusting tension, make sure the door swings without resistance and latches properly. 

Tension Setting

After installation, locate numerical adjustment panel on hinge end. Choose an appropriate swing speed tension based on door weight:

N – Installation, 0 – lowest tension, 7 – maximum tension

NOTE:  When using multiple hinges on one door, tension settings are cumulative.  We recommend that the setting on each hinge is close or similarly tense.

Increasing & Decreasing Tension

➤ Use 5mm hex wrench

Increase Tension: Increase panel number to generate greater closing force.  Triangle [△] denotes tension setting. 

Decrease Tension: Press down the numerical adjuster hex nut and decrease tension by turning to lower numbers.
In the event that you increase tension too much and are unable to press the hex wrench down, you can release tension by tapping an inserted 5mm hex wrench with a medium hammer.  ( Watch video )  

Waterson Adjust Tension
Waterson Door Closer Adjusment

Finding Best Setting

➤ Increase tension slowly one number at a time until the door closes properly from 20°.  As mentioned, try to set tension values similarly among hinges — optimal function is achieved when tension values are close or equal.

NOTE:  At this tension setting, your door will slam shut if opened to 90°.  This can be easily adjusted with speed control.