Hydraulic Hinges

Waterson hydraulic hinges are ideal for breezy environments, quiet spaces, and glass doors. Oil engaged hydraulic action creates a quiet and smooth closing experience.

Adjusting Hydraulic Hinges

Waterson hydraulic hinges reduce closing speed within a 30˚ hydraulic action zone (HAZ). The HAZ has two key adjustments — the 3mm hex nut socket, which reduces speed by increasing HAZ oil engagement; and the 5mm socket, which shifts the HAZ active area.  

The recessed 3mm hex nut adjustment allows you to control the door swing speed in the 30˚  HAZ.  Turning clockwise

( – ) will reduce closing speed; turning counterclockwise (+) will increase closing speed. 

The recessed 5mm hex nut moves the HAZ, whereby you can choose the 30˚ area that you want the hydraulic action to engage and slow the door. Turning clockwise ( – ) will shift HAZ toward zero degrees; turning counterclockwise (+) will shift HAZ toward 50˚ maximum position.

    • Before adjusting the 5mm hex nut, be sure to loosen one of the locking screws located on either side of the hydraulic barrel end.  We recommend turning one side screw approximately 180d.
    • Maximum engagement starts from the 60 (degrees) swing position. 

waterson closer hinges - Adjustment to Hydraulic Buffer