3D Adjustable Door Hinge

Waterson 3D adjustable door hinge developed for the heavy-duty door, long-life performance. Optimized featuring for smooth door opening with reliable, easy maintenance operation. It is fully adjustable in 3 directions, and the patented design allows the hinge to close the door with speed control function. Save you the labor and cost of installation and adjustment. You can finish all the adjustment with only a wrench.Great for residential project and designed fire-rated door.Cost efficiency, zero maintenance, 3 hours of fire safety all covered.

heavy duty door closer-K51L-3D
Heavy entrance door hinge


Specialized hinge structure for heavyweight doors.
3D adjusters come in various sizes to fit frames of all kinds.
You can effortlessly adjust both the position of door and hinge via adjuster in all dimensions.

Heavy entrance door hinge-self closing door
Waterson hinge helper
K51L-3D Waterson Lever –
Installation support for installation of heavy door

Waterson Hinge Helper

Special lever design keeps heavy door straight up safely and save the energy-draining process of door-lifting during installation.
Highly durable and simply dependable.

Sold separately

Waterson hinge helper - installation support

Videos for fire resistance test

UL and SGS test report


More information? welcome to contact us!


More information? welcome to contact us!


More information? welcome to contact us!

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