Project Description

Let’s see how the hinges work in the Waterson office!

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Door hardware optimization has always been the primal goal of Waterson Self-closing hinge. It’s designed with cost-saving and energy-saving in mind. It’s no surprise that Waterson hinges are favored by tenants, landlords, and designers.

With Waterson hinges, you don’t have to cut open the floor for floor spring. This is pivotal as this skips the rework on cement and thus reduces cost of renovation. Designers can unleash their creativity and freely choose position of entry door without compromising aesthetic design for door hardware.

The Waterson Taipei Office offers an ideal real-life immersion for clients and a convenient working environment for its employees, functioning as an all-dimensional marketing powerhouse.

The glass hinge, K51GG, illustrates the perfect integration between door closer, glass wall and door closer. The stable and robust self-closing can always keep the cooling air inside the premises. Opening the door is effortless: the ADA compliant design empowers everyone to open the door with little effort.

The door closer favored by tenants, landlords, and designers Door.
Glass hinges for Waterson office!

Photo Gallery

Glass to glass hinges-K51GG
Glass to glass hinges-K51GG
Office door -Glass to glass hinges-K51GG