Project Description

Fire Proof Hinge Adopted by KFC

Being the dominant supplier of fast food, the stores of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) are constantly swarmed with customers. With the huge waves of patrons and employees, door entries are always bombarded with frequent opening and closing. On a typical day, 1000-2000 times of door opening and closing is just a common figure. The real problem is, those door users usually slam the doors without much care.

What kind of door closer would you use

for a tough environment in this scenario?

Traditional door closers may work for a while, but it will be eventually worn out and succumb to this demanding testing ground, soon after the constant maintenance and re-adjustment. The huge hydraulic damper in the door closer also makes door closing a frustrating experience.

Another drawback with door closer is the constraint on designer’s creativity. Door closers require certain space for the bulky body to set in, especially in conditions like low ceiling and tight corner, or the door swing would be jammed and blocked.

The designers in KFC Taiwan therefore look for Waterson Door-Closer Hinge. What you need and want with door closer is simple enough: it is small, reliable, and cost-saving. That’s it. And Waterson Hinge covers it all. This new door-closer hinge will be deployed in all the KFC stores in Taiwan in the near future.

Waterson Door-Closing Hinge:

  • Stainless Steel: No maintenance and save time and money.

  • Internationally recognized durability: save you the cost of re-purchasing the fragile door closers.

  • Patented speed controllers: Intuitive and fast adjustment.

  • Versatile adaptation: fitting for doors of all kinds.

  • US ADA standard: light and effortless door opening.

Waterson Door-Closer Hinge, the new door closing solution for business application and door-opening of high frequency.

Photo Gallery

Fire Rated Door Hinge - K51M
Waterson self closing hinge is adopted by KFC.
Fire Rated Door Hinge
Waterson hinge - Small, reliable, and cost-saving.

Installation Video