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Access Control Solutions

Administrators, Building Manager and Department Heads are looking to increase their population of electronically controlled card or biometrically accessed doors. The challenge they all face is how to create a cost effective, low maintenance and esthetically pleasing access control opening.

Access Control

Access Control Hinge Benefits

  • Quick easy intallations.
  • No Measuring or Drilling.
  • Door Closer and Hinge in one quality package.
  • Eliminate Slamming Doors!
  • Eliminate Damaged Frames and locks!

Cost effective and low maintenance!

Requiring no subcontractor to complete the opening installation.

Electronic Security Companies have always struggled with managing a subcontractor to install a required doors closer on access controlled openings.

Access Control Installers needing only a Philips head screwdriver can install the Waterson “Quiet Close” in minutes requiring no subcontractor to complete the opening installation. Simply Remove the existing hinges, Replace with the Waterson hinges, Adjust door closing force, Adjust the closing speed and the installation is complete . Building owners are pleased because Waterson is esthetically pleasing and requires Zero Maintenance. No Hydraulics means no leaking oil and no industrial looking door closer on the door.

Product Testimonial

We have begun to expand our access control security plan to include inner office doors. Our goal is to eventually eleiminate the need to issue hard keys to our administrators and department heads. One of the objections I began to receive was the appearance of the required door closers we installed. The problem was that the only other solution we could find is spring hinges but it proved to be impossible to achieve latching without causing the door to slam. Finally the perfect solution was identified and implemented – Waterson “Quite Close “Hinges.

Director of Security Corporation, Boston Massachusetts