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High Rise Solutions

Building owners on their quest to manage ever growing maintenance cost are looking for products that are esthetically pleasing while requiring little to no maintenance and provide long life cycles.

High Rise

High Rise Hinge Benefits

  • Quick Easy Intallations.
  • No Measuring or Drilling.
  • Door Closer and Hinge in one quality package.
  • Eliminate Slamming Doors!
  • Eliminate Damaged Frames and locks!

Lower high rise maintenance costs!

Long lasting and little to no maintenance.

High Rise Building owners have a sharp eye on the esthetics of their building. Tenants and Potential tenants expect more than the average lessees from the space they rent.

Code compliance is another big concern and a must with all products used. Waterson Stainless Steel “Quiet Close” hinges have created a product solution to meet all the high demands stated above. The Waterson hinge is Easy to install – Remove existing hinge – Replace with Waterson – Adjust closing force – Adjust closing speed – Installation Complete – No Hydraulics to leak so there is Zero Maintenance. Available in many architectural finishes Waterson is esthetically pleasing – No more industrial looking door closers. Available in Swing Clear for Handicap Accessibility and 316 Stainless for Oceanfront Communities

Product Testimonial

Our property is a luxury high rise apartment building. Due to the nature of our property at times tenants can be quite demanding and it is the responsibility of our staff to respond quickly. Our executive team has tasked us with selecting quality low maintenance products for upgrades when budgets become available. Through wise purchasing decisions it is our goal to reduce maintenance required whereby keeping our tenants please with our property. Waterson hinges help us meet this goal.

Director of Maintenance - Miami , FL