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Hospitality Solutions

When your guests come to find some relaxation in your guests rooms, a slamming door can create an unpleasant first impression. Traditional Spring hinged doors create load noises, damaged frames and locks. We have the solution!


Hospitalty Hinge Benefits

  • Quick Easy Installations.
  • No Measuring or Drilling.
  • Door Closer and Hinge in one quality package.
  • Eliminate Slamming Doors!
  • Eliminate Damaged Frames and locks!

Your door maintenance cost will go down!

A happy guest equals repeated business.

A slam from a neighbors door in the middle of the night can interupt the much needed sleep when preparing for an important meeting the next day. Waterson Stainless Steel “Quiet Close” hinges create a welcoming environment. No Hotelier wants their guests’ first impression when arriving to their room to be a slamming door. Due to the poor esthetics of industrial looking door closers, many hotels have standardized using spring hinges. But, this has created the ongoing challenge of how to adjust spring hinges without slamming, a near impossible task. The small percentage of Hotels who have opted for door closers have been plagued with leaking oil and additional holes to cover when direct replacement is not available. Waterson Stainless Steel “Quiet Close” hinges are fully adjustable – Closing Force and ….. Closing Speed . Simply remove existing hinges and replace with the Waterson 3-in1 hinge and your challenge is solved with an esthetically pleasing solution.

Product Testimonial

I am on the road most weeks of the year staying in many hotel brands across the county. Because I travel so frequently I look for 4 and 5 star hotels that I can use repeatedly when staying in a particular region. I look for locations that are easily accessible that provide a good list of amenities and a welcoming environment. One of the things that bothers me most and unfortunately it seems to happen allot is that many hotels have slamming guest room doors. On more than one occasion I have been woken up suddenly and then struggled to get back to sleep. Recently I stayed in a hotel where management must have realized this was a problem. When I arrived to my room the door closed quietly behind me. Upon leaving the hotel in the morning I made it a point to ask for the manager and tell him how pleased I was with the recent change to the guest room door. It seems they were testing a new product they called the Waterson “Quite Close” hinge “.I know this might sound trivial to some but when you travel as much as I do the simple things are what matters most. I booked a room ahead for my next visit.

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