Auto Door Solutions

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Multi-Housing Solutions

The challenge of every Multi-Housing owner and administrator is to provide cost effective housing for their tenants and potential tenants. Tenants and potential tenants are looking for inviting, safe and secure affordable housing.


Multi-Housing Hinge Benefits

  • Quick Easy Intallations.
  • No Measuring or Drilling.
  • Door Closer and Hinge in one quality package.
  • Eliminate Slamming Doors!
  • Eliminate Damaged Frames and locks!

Invite safe and secure affordable housing

Help administration achieve their budget goals.

Engineering and Maintenance are looking for products with little to no maintenance, long cycle life, code complaint solutions with little to no inventory needed on shelves to help administration achieve their budget goals.

Waterson Stainless Steel “Quite Close” hinges answers that demand with a High quality, Easy to install, Zero maintenance and Code compliant product. No Measuring – No Drilling – No Mistakes – Simply remove existing hinges , replace with Waterson, Adjust door closing force – Adjust door closing speed and your esthetically pleasing “ Quite Close” door opening is complete. ADA, ANSI Grade 1 and UL listed.


Product Testimonial

Our property is part of a group of Oceanfront Communities. One of the challenges we face is the server corrosion caused to hardware exposed to our saltwater air environment. In 2013 we decided to replace our doors and frames with fiberglass doors and frames. We also decided to purchase Waterson stainless steel hinges opting for the 316 Stainless model. So far the product has proved to be impervious to the salt water.

Director of Maintenance Condominiums