Project Description

Splendid, magnificent, and inevitably with enormous size and weight is the door to the office of a CEO, who owns a listed construct ion company with overwhelming market dominance. The door with decorative panel weighs more than 150 kilograms. Without a door closer, moving the door would be unpleasant and physically draining. With a traditional door closer, however, the overhanging and bulky closer defeats the purpose of aesthetics.

Upon knowing our revolutionary, convenient and elegant door closer, the CEO decided to replace the door frame with a new one for the installation of our “K51L-3D” hinge (series for heavy door). It functions as a beautifully designed hinge, with features of closing speed adjustment and hold-open at 90° position.

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Heavy entrance door hinge - office door

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Heavy duty door hinges
Heavy duty door hinges-K51L3D