Project Description

Aluminum doors are widely used for its light weight and cost efficiency. For scenario like low ceiling and tight corners, you need something else than traditional door closer for self-closing effects.

This time we work with the National Architect Association and solved their problems with door closer. They were looking for durable door closer with small size to fit their aluminum double doors. With 3 hinges, Waterson hinges offer function of selfclosing, hydraulic buffer and hold-open.

Fast and easy installation is also important in addition to the form factor. The complete installation of Waterson hinge can be done with only one screwdriver without the need to rework the floor or door. And there is no closer arms hanging overhead. This hinge is certified by UL Laboratory and passed the 1 Million cycle test. With all the features above, the chief officers chose Waterson hinge.

Feel free to contact us for more detail. Thank you.

Aluminum door hinges

Photo Gallery

Aluminum door hinges
Aluminum door hinges
Aluminum door hinges- easy to install

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