Project Description

Waterson Spring Hinges

Located in Nashville, TN, Omni hotel is quite well known in the area and is regarded as a five-star hotel. After using conventional spring hinges for just two years, Omni Nashville Hotel decided to replace all spring hinges into Waterson 3in1 auto door closer hinge. Not all of the spring hinges are falling. But, why does the high-end hotel spend such a significant investment?

There are 3 challenges for the hotel management team.

Let’s find out the insights.

Number 1.

A door drop-down seal is necessarily but could be annoying.

A door drop-down seal is installed beneath every guest room door. The seals are used to secure the air condition in summer and heat in winter. However, with the seal, the door requires more massive power to close. Spring hinges, consequently, can’t do the job.

Why hotel door needs more strong spring to close a door?

Door latches, strike plate, drop down seals and the slope behind threshold are all factors that keep the guest room door from closing.Without proper door seal system, two issues occurred.
First, the waste of energy equals huge operation costs. Air condition was leaking all day long through the bottom of the guest room door. Then, the corridor of the hotel is sometimes really cold and hot.
Second, guests inside the hotel room got disturbed easily by the light and noise in the corridor, and this should not happen in a high-end hotel.

Number 2.

Spring hinges are not so friendly to adjust as they look.

The typical adjustment of most spring hinges is tightening the internal spring with a hex wrench. It looks simple for the first installer. Just turn. Unfortunately, there is no gauge to know current power setting and no mechanism to keep the speed secured. The technician can not tell from the eye whether the setting was in the high end or the lower. Therefore, a good speed controlled guest room door is not possible.

In the end, a technician regularly overturns the spring without knowing the internal spring is being over-stretched.

Number 3.

Spring hinges are falling quickly.  ( This is when spring hinge fails. )

The truth is the hotel was newly decorated. The spring hinges on the guest room door looked shiny. But, a self-closing guest room door was not ready. Although the spring hinge might set up at the higher end ( strong spring loaded), it doesn’t last long.
Every guest room is with three adjustable hinges. But, the trick is you never know which one is out of work first. The technicians can only try and error several times to fix the door, and they have to do this almost every day. Otherwise, the door slams. Create more unhappy guests for the hotel.

Building codes are always another troublemakers.
Some people may wonder why the hotel doesn’t choose conventional door closer. Good points. If you look at the design of the room closer, you could find out the clearance of the guest room door on both sides is not wide enough to install a door closer. It will not meet the ADA regulation, which will be another big headache for the hotel management.

Why Omni hotel chooses Waterson auto door closer hinge?

Waterson hinge may not be the only solution but it solves most of the problems.

A strong and lasting spring mechanism
The technician of the hotel can easily adjust the setting of spring with number adjuster on the top section of the hinge. It ranges from 0 to 7. The greater number provides greater closing power. The lower number generates less closing power. It’s super easy for the installer to understand what loadings the hinge is set now.

An adjustable speed control system
To solve slamming, Waterson hinge has a built-in speed control feature. The top section of the hinge has spring power adjuster. The bottom section of the hinge has a braking system, which could make the door closer slower. The combination can make the door close more smoothly. In case a hydraulic system is needed to soft close the door, the system is ready.

Meet code – UL listed and ADA compliance
Applying Waterson hinge, the owner could meet the code and at the same time, get better controls for the door openings. The guest room even looks neater and more beautiful without the ugly closer showing directly to the guest eyes.

Extra bonus 
Reduce replacement costs dramatically. An experienced installer himself could replace the old spring hinge to Waterson self-closing hinge for 12-15 doors per day. This includes – remove the old spring hinge, install the Waterson hinge, and make speed adjustment.


After replacing all spring hinges to Waterson Hinge, The drop down seal works perfectly. And the guest room door has no more slamming problem just like with a surface door closer.

To provide the best service to customers and reduce electricity bill tremendously, Omni decides to replace all the “old” spring hinge.

Photo Gallery

spring hinge for arched door
Omni hotel replace all spring hinges to Waterson 3-1 auto door closer hinge
Waterson hinge solved the slamming problem of spring hinge